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vanity, vanity: thy name is woman

im going to starve until i know that you love me

4/2/06 06:32 pm

Today i ate:

-1/2 cup of 8 grain oatmeal stuff w/ frozen berries in it (200)
-can of beets (50)
-orange (40)
-3 rice chips (20)
-cabbage soup (i made it!) (70)

Hopefully nothing else!

total = 380

Exercise = 500 burned

-total = -120 woo hoo

I hope i dont ruin it by bingeing tonight. I always binge at night. Probably cause i smoke up and get bored every night
i think i just need to go to sleep as soon as i get home from studying, and just smoke cigarettes instead of eating, cigarettes when u are bakes are **almost** as good as food when you are baked

Im going to find a hot pic of a model and put it in my wallett

Im going to be 105 by the time my bf comes home (april 22), my bday is on april 21's so i can look hot for that too!

yay, i feel optimistic

3/23/06 09:13 am

This egg hatches on 04/05/06! Adopt one today!

3/15/06 03:58 pm - Wonka Gum

The other day i was thinking about Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the 1st one)... and iwas thinking about that girl that loves chewing gum and Wonka gave her some gum that tasted like she was having a 3 course meal....
How awesome would it be if that existed?
You could jsut sit around, chewing what tastes liek food, but never feeling full and disgusting.....
I hate feeling full, but i like tasting. Sometimes i taste things then spit them out...i have a weird oral fixation.. always feel an urge to chew something (especially when studying!!)

i think magic willie wonka gum would be sweet


2/17/06 11:58 pm - Friends Only

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